Sales Representative Agreement

Sales Representative Agreement


This agreement takes effect from the day Registration as an Affiliate on the Trendy Tees website ( is approved and shall be binding upon the parties and their successors and assigns.

Agreement between

The company:                       (Trendy Tees, Kenya )


Sales Representative:          (Independent contractor)

1.      Sales Representative agrees to: 

a)      Represent and sell the Company's products, specifically described as stocked printed t-shirts and personalized design t-shirts in the geographic area of Kenya.

b)      Ensure the customer pays directly to the Company through the authorized means.

c)      Accurately represent and state Company policies to all potential and present customers.

d)     Promptly mail in all leads and orders to the Company. 

e)      Inform the sales manager of all problems concerning Company customers within the sales territory.

f)       Maintain contact with the Company via telephone, e-mail, or other agreed upon means of communication with reasonable frequency to discuss sales activity within the territory.

g)      Provide company 15-days' notice should the Representative intend to terminate this agreement. 

h)      Return promptly all materials and samples provided by the Company to the Representative, if either party terminates this agreement.

2.      The Company agrees to: 

a)      Pay      percent commission on all prepaid sales to the Sales Representative:

b)      Provide the Sales Representative with reasonable quantities of brochures, posters, and any samples required for sales purposes.

c)      Grant Representative 15-days' notice should the Company wish to terminate this agreement. 

d)     Pay commissions to the Representative on sales from existing customers for a period of one (1) months after this agreement is terminated by either party.

3.     Payment

a)     Trendy Tees through the Affiliate’s account area at will provide an up to date statement of the Balance Payable.

b)    The Balance Payable must be above or at the minimum threshold of Ksh 300 for payments to be issued to the Affiliate. In the event of this threshold not being met the balance will be retained and carried forward until the next payment point when:

              i.        The balance has reached the Minimum Threshold; Or

             ii.        The Affiliate has closed their Affiliate account with Trendy Tees.

c)     Payments are determined on the 3rd and 17th of every month and will be issued to the Affiliate within 15 days, on condition:

d)    The customer pays directly to the Company;

e)     The representative has used the agreed upon system to track commissions;

f)     If it is Trendy Tees’s opinion that the Affiliate has in anyway breached the terms of this agreement there is no obligation for Trendy Tees to pay any of the Balance Payable.

g)    Only Trendy Tees’s tracking system is used to determine where commission has been earned.

h)     Should Trendy Tees be unable to remit Commission to the Affiliate due to incorrect or out of date information and is unable to contact the Affiliate to arrange payment after 6 months any rights held by the Affiliate are waived and releases claim to the benefit of Trendy Tees. 

i)      Commissions on refunds to customers for merchandise returned by the customer in which a commission has already been paid to the Representative shall be deducted from future commissions to be paid to the Representative by the Company.


4.     General

a)     This Agreement is between the Affiliate and Trendy Tees and shall not be reassigned or transferred to any third party without written consent by Trendy Tees.

b)    Both parties have no liability under this agreement if it is prevented, or delayed in performing its obligations under this agreement Including but not limited to strikes, industrial disputes, failure of utility or transport service, act of god, war, riot, malicious damage, fire, failure of suppliers or subcontractors.

c)     Nothing in this agreement implies partnership or joint venture of any kind between the Affiliate and Trendy Tees. No party has the authority to act on behalf of the other parties in any way.

d)    This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between both parties and supersedes all previous agreements.

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